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Our Founders

Joseph Smith


Joseph Smith’s doctorate is in the Humanities and encompasses key notions amongst the disciplines of philosophy, psychology, religious studies, and literature with a focus on the philosophies of self-consciousness within the west and the intellectual background of black consciousness.

  • He is A TDSB Vice Principal;
  • Co-founder of the non-profit organization Generation Chosen which seeks to interrupt intergenerational cycles of trauma and poverty;
  • Founder of Anchored Minds Foundation — a charity designed to support burgeoning B3 non-profits in the area of mental health as well as support underserved community members through scholarships and hardship funding.
  • Runs a boutique consulting agency called Anchoring Minds Inc.
  • And is a founding member of the Foundation for Black Communities which is a philanthropic organization designed to adjudicate grants, develop policy, and liaise with government and the philanthropic sector to serve Black-led and Black-serving non-profits and charities.

Dwayne Brown


Dwayne Brown is a social entrepreneur and educator. He is a PhD candidate at York University where his doctorate takes a look at the influence of anti-black racism, mental health and emotional intelligence on the educational success of BIPOC youth in Toronto, Canada. In addition, Dwayne is a passionate educator qualified to teach from kindergarten to grade 12, and a contract professor. He is a Co-Founder for the non-profit organization, Generation Chosen, which focuses on the development of culturally relevant emotional intelligence within underserved and neglected communities. Dwayne is also the Founder of a S.T.E.A.M. education program, After Sc-Kool (A.S.K.), which ushers BIPOC youth into science-related careers, ultimately enabling them to Access Scientific Knowledge; Co-Founder for Anchoring Minds Inc.; Co-Chair of charity, Anchored Minds Foundation; a Board Member for Beam Green Retrofits; a Consultant/Community Liaison for developments in the Jane-Finch community; and a proud Papa Bear.

Kimarie Smith


Her main responsibilities involved developing Generation Chosen’s governance structure, fiscal policy strategies, grant reconciliation, and HR management. She was also the director and lead facilitator of Generation Chosen’s female-led program Gen Fem. She was responsible for developing curriculum and facilitating Mental Health and Emotional Wellness workshops. She now sits as the Anchored Minds Foundation Steward and Secretary. Aside from founding and managing the charity , and being a support person for Generation Chosen activities, she is a full time Mother of two (Wynter-Ray and Zen) and wife to Dr. Joseph J Smith.