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Ibrahim Mohamed

Executive Director

Mediocre with great results isn't a luxury afforded to us. Y'know my whole life I've never been someone who has been particularly good or quick at making choices. I used to take so long with menus I had to give myself a rule, I look, the first thing I see that I like I choose, I close the menu and put it away. Making a choice here at Generation chosen has never once felt hard because I knew I was always choosing to help people. When I first joined it was meant to be a part time and short term, come in help some people, shake some hands and move on, and here I am somehow years later ready to keep shaking hands and helping people and when it's my turn to move on I want to have built something that's so much more than when I received it, the tricky part is I've received alot. I stand on the shoulders of giants and I can reach pretty far myself. Mediocre isn't a luxury we can afford. That's what I hear when we say many are called, few are chosen

Since its inception in 2016, Generation Chosen has remained dedicated to its youth-led and youth-serving ethos, empowering young individuals to be drivers of change. We firmly believe that providing space, resources, and authority to those under 30 enables them to develop innovative solutions for the challenges they encounter. A cornerstone of our approach involves nurturing leadership skills among our youth team members, a commitment underscored by our tradition of youth succession every four years. This process entails passing on leadership roles from experienced youth leaders to their successors, fostering continuity, knowledge transfer, and fresh perspectives. By upholding this practice, Generation Chosen ensures not only the longevity of its mission but also the cultivation of a new generation of capable and empowered leaders.