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Generation Chosen is a non-profit organization devoted to interrupting intergenerational cycles of trauma and poverty in lower-income communities.

Through openly confronting mental health obstacles, dealing compassionately with harmful emotional tendencies, creating opportunities for educational matriculation, financial self-sufficiency, and meaningful mentorship, we aim to holistically support the development of those most vulnerable in our society.

Our program caters to the needs of racialized, marginalized and disenfranchised inner-city youth by focussing on 4 key areas, which we believe, fundamentally catalyze holistic human development.

Mental Health

Mental Health is the ability to resolve contradictions

E.I. (Emotional Intelligence)

Experiences are composites of our emotions


Understanding the world demands that we first understand ourselves

Civic Engagement

To know and overcome what is uncivil (anti-social) about ourselves is the beginning of civic engagement

At Generation Chosen we seek to inculcate five key virtues that we think overwhelmingly contribute to the emotional and mental health of any subject. These virtues are made manifest in all of our programming, and constitute the very matrix of our organization.


Perspective is the activity of self-worth.


Courage is taking responsibility for dealing with change and error.


Humility is recognizing that everyone is in need of someone or something for their success.


Integrity is the ability to stay committed to what is eternal.


Boldness is a loud and powerful statement, made, internally.

Our programming themes manifest in all of our programs on a monthly basis.

All of our programs run from October to May each year. All participants in every program, excluding those who receive our therapy services, are eligible to acquire 1000 dollars in scholarship money, 1000 dollars to invest in stocks, 1000 dollars to start a civic action campaign/project, and 1000 dollars to launch a business. Our programming is facilitated in online and offline spaces.





Civic Anchor


Gen Fem




Our Emotional Intelligence, Life Skills (financial literacy), Civic Anchor, and Gen Fem workshops are called Anchor Seminars. We have a team of trained facilitators who can deliver 60 minute, 90 minute, and 120 minute seminars for any individual or organization looking for content in these areas. We can facilitate Anchor Seminars online and in person. Our Seminars are highly interactive, aesthetically appealing, and substantive. They have been designed by Ontario Certified Teachers and PhDs whose work experience entails teaching in underserved, racialized communities where developing culturally relevant and responsive curriculum is imperative.

Pricing: email to be provided with a quote.

Our Anchor, Dwayne Brown, has written a fabulous article for regarding our work with Generation Chosen, and how it relates to the personal tragedies he has had to contend with in his life. Take A Look!
Emotional Intelligence is Life and Death where I'm From image
Our Anchor, Joseph J. Smith, compellingly delineates the harrowing and nightmarish effects of system anti-black racism on himself, his community, and society at large in light of the killings of unarmed black people and the BLM protests.
Impressed with GENERATion chosen imageImpressed with GENERATion chosen image
Thanks to OperationBlackVote, we have been privileged to be spotlighted by . Check out the amazing article they wrote about our program and its members.

Our anchors Dwayne Brown (2018 recipient) Joseph Smith (2019 recipient) were selected as the People's Choice for the Metroland Media Toronto's Urban Hero award in the area of Social Issues (Dwayne) and Health (Joseph). Selected through a voting process that saw 12,000 voters support the granting of this award, Dwayne and Joseph were nominated by @torontodotcom for their exceptional work in the area of emotional intelligence and education within underserved communities. Dwayne Brown and Joseph Smith you are our URBAN HEROS. Thank you for all of the work you have done within the Jane and Finch community. Take a look at the articles below:

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