Renee Lindo

Renée Lindo is a Personal stylist based in Toronto, Canada serving clients globally. With her keen sense of style and corporate sales background, she is perfectly positioned to guide professional women on their style journey, so that they can show up as the best version of themselves.

After climbing to the top of that Corporate mountain, Renée realized she was on the wrong mountain. Her desire to play bigger and contribute more to the world continued to pull at her until she decided to bet on herself and pursue her passion of fashion and style.

Renée helps her clients save time and increase confidence by creating polished and functional wardrobes so that they can attract career-building opportunities. When individuals look good they feel great, and this gives them the confidence to put their hands up for more. Her company Let’s Get Dressed Now is a personal styling solution and clothing boutique, meeting individuals wherever they are on their style journey.

Renée has worked on magazines, red carpet styling and fashion shows. However she gets the most joy leading her 1:1 clients on their personal style transformations. She accomplishes this by working closely with her clients to craft a clear, confident and consistent Style Story. The unique story they want to tell through their style. When this is successful it’s a game-changer.

Renée is passionate about helping individuals show up as their most authentic selves and believes when your outward appearance is aligned with who you are on the inside, that is when you are the most powerful. You become magnetic and able to share your magic with the world.

She is a wife and mother and tries really hard to be organized, exercise, spend time with family and travel as much as her busy life allows.