Toronto District School Board

We partner with the Toronto District School Board to provide Co-Op educational credits to high school students in grades 10-12.

MLSE & The Toronto Argonauts

We have partnered with the Toronto Argonauts to provide our youth with opportunities to meet players, experience live football games and gain subsidized entrance into the CNE every year.

Operation Black Vote

We partner with Operation Black Vote Canada to increase the civic engagement of our youth and young adults. With OBVC we have helped to successfully put on the first Black Community Provincial Debate and the first Black Community Mayoral Debate in Toronto. Aside form this, our youth are frequently consulted and outsourced to OBVC for PSAs and town-halls to discuss issues pertaining to racialized youth and civic engagement.


We partner with ABEDORC productions to offer our youth and young adults the opportunity to work behind the scenes in local journalism, music and film production and radio/podcast production. Youth and young adults have access to this space, and are able to express themselves and their narratives via online platforms that are made public to the wider GTA community.

Black Creek Community Health Centre

We partner with Black Creek Community Health Centre to expose our youth and young adults to the realities and implications, of misinformation regarding their mental, physical, and emotional health and well being.

International Development and Relief Foundation

We partner with IDRF to engage our youth and young adults in the difficult process of becoming job ready. This includes, but is not limited to, resume writing, interview tactics, the importance of networking, and the value of a strong social media presence.

African Canadian Christian Network

We partner with ACCN to provide educational opportunities for parents who may be struggling to contend with the many unique and nuanced issues, confronting youth and young adults, in the 21st century.