The mental health issues of youth and young adults are diverse and complex. Often youth and young adults attempt to self-sooth and contend with their adverse mental/emotional states by engaging in activities that only worsen rather than enhance their health. At Generation Chosen we seek to demystify therapy by making it more accessible and free for youth and young adults who are both racialized and from underserved communities. Our Therapists are all certified and trained and can offer a variety of supports free of charge to the registered participant. 

The program consists of 5 free sessions, for a prospective enrolee, with a racialized therapist. In addition, the program consists of the opportunity to partake in 3 free group therapy sessions with a trained MSW, CBT trained specialist, and/or Emotional Intelligence expert, speak with an ICF Certified Life Coach, and engage with a stylist to revamp one's outward appearance.

 All participants who bravely decide to engage with this particular programming will be gifted with a care package comprised of Generation Chosen apparel and paraphernalia as well as the opportunity to engage in any of our other free programs.