Civic Engagement

Imagining the best of all possible worlds is nearly inconceivable without possessing a core set of values that precipitate novelty rather than reproduce convention. In addition, such a world can hardly be achieved if one is not made aware of the requisite emotional traits progressive leadership is comprised of. Moreover, understanding what must be done within our democratic experiment so as to never repeat the traumas and tragedies of the past requires a meaningful and intimate connection to history: the history of human (mis)relationships. At Generation Chosen we pride ourselves on helping youth from marginalized communities develop the thought patterns, and emotional habits necessary to envision a better world, become responsible for ushering in that world, and developing the wherewithal to passionately engage with the fraught and often tragic aspects of the history of human civilizations. Practically, we have, through our partnership with Operation Black Vote Canada, connected youth to numerous policy workshops, training sessions with regards to how to join political campaigns, municipal, provincial and federal leadership debates, as well as one on one opportunities to liaise with MPs, MPPs, City Councillors, Premiers, and Federal Leaders.  By combining the experiential exposure to the political ecosystem within which they are embedded, as well  as arming them with a philosophy predicated upon political and societal innovation as well as the toleration of plurality, we intend to develop a generation of advocates, political representatives, and policy makers that can ensure that we all can occupy space in an inclusive and diverse world.