Nadia Dowie
Director of Marketing


Nadia oversees the development and implementation of the brand strategy, image and public relations.

Main Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to

  • Overseeing marketing team; managing and delegation tasks 
  • Development and implementation of the brand strategy
  • Development and implementations of social media, events, campaigns, digital and print marketing and PR

    • create engaging campaigns and content to sustain viewers’ curiosity and create buzz
    • Develop posting schedule, considering web traffic and viewer engagement metrics
  • Developing and delivering marketing communication strategies for the organization
  • Analysis of the industry/sector Generation Chosen serves

    • target market trends
    • competing groups and organizations
  • Plan and execute fundraising events, group excursions and team building experiences

Other Duties

  • Generation Chosen Female Emotional Intelligence assistant

    • assist in developing and running activities and talks