Dwayne Brown
Director of Education

Contact: education@generationchosen.ca

Dwayne Brown is the Director of Education at Generation Chosen. Secondary to this title, he is also the Recreational Director and Volunteer Coordinator. Dwayne designs programming for, oversees the functioning of, and facilitates the programming of all Educational seminars, including, but not limited to, TDSB supported Co-op training, Credit Recovery, Financial Literacy, Extracurricular Programming (Experiential Education via Sporting), as well as Program Reporting and Research. Intimately tied to this role, Dwayne Brown seeks out appropriate presenters (e.g. guest speakers), excursion experiences, and other meaningful learning opportunities to ensure optimal enrichment of all education programs.

Secondary to his role are the following:

-mentorship and outreach

-presenting to sponsors and other professional and business interests

-liaising between other organizations

-Volunteer hiring

-Running volunteer orientation sessions

-Managing the delivery of community hours to students and other volunteers

Lastly, Dwayne Brown as a co-founder is responsible for liaising with a plethora of individuals and organizations (corporate/non-corporate) in order to strengthen Generation Chosen’s relationship with the wider community, as well as the community Generation Chosen services.